openHPI starts 2022 with a series of 3 courses on cybersecurity!

openHPI will start on January 19, 2022, with a series of three two-week courses on cybersecurity in English. The introduction courses are aimed at interested Internet users with no prior knowledge are led by Institute Director Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel.

Confidential Communication in the Internet:

In this course, participants learn, for example, whether and to what extent their connection to online banking is secure and whether the content of an e-mail is trustworthy. To this end, we will introduce the basics of cryptography, familiarize participants with different types of encryption, and highlight security objectives. In addition, the course team will provide insights into different models and standards used in practice.

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Digital Identities:

Here you will learn what digital identities are, which types exist, and how they can be verified - but also how they are attacked. Furthermore, we reveal helpful tips on how to protect yourself against identity theft.

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Cyberthreats by Malware:

The Internet is increasingly becoming a place for criminal activity. In this course, we will teach you which malware and methods the perpetrators use to carry out the most common attacks. Of course, we also want to cover protective defense measures, for example against e-mail campaigns with malicious attachments that smuggle in the dangerous Trojan malware "Emotet" when opened. This is considered one of the biggest malware threats in the world and is currently causing a great deal of damage to the networks of companies, institutions, and private individuals.

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